Introducing Santa TV – Your Ultimate Live TV App Solution with Admin Panel

Unlock the potential of the booming live TV streaming industry with Santa TV, the all-in-one Live TV App Source Code bundled with a powerful Admin Panel. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an established business, Santa TV empowers you to effortlessly launch your own live TV streaming platform and start generating revenue from day one.

Demo Live TV App & Admin Panel:

Apk: Click Here To Download

Admin Panel: Click Here To Visit

Login Email:

Login Password: admin

Key Features of Santa TV App:

  1. User-Friendly Home Screen: Santa TV boasts an intuitive home screen that greets users with captivating sliders, an extensive list of live TV channels, and convenient filters to sort channels by category and language. This ensures a seamless and personalized viewing experience.
  2. Efficient Search Functionality: Our Search Activity feature lets users quickly find their favorite live TV channels with ease. No more hassle in locating desired content; Santa TV simplifies it all.
  3. Immersive Viewing Experience: Santa TV’s Play Activity provides a captivating live TV viewing experience, whether in portrait or landscape mode. Enjoy your favorite channels in high-quality streaming, elevating your users’ entertainment quotient.
  4. Monetization with Google Admob: Santa TV offers effortless monetization options through Google Admob ads, allowing you to earn revenue while providing top-notch content to your users.

Empowering Admin Panel Features:

  1. Comprehensive Dashboard: The Admin Panel equips you with a holistic view of your platform, displaying vital statistics such as total categories, languages, channels, and settings fields. Stay informed about your app’s performance at a glance.
  2. Dynamic Sliders Management: Manage your app’s visual appeal effortlessly. Add, edit, or remove sliders on the fly, keeping your content fresh and engaging.
  3. Customizable Categories: Tailor your content offerings to match your audience’s preferences. Create, modify, or delete categories to organize your live TV channels effectively.
  4. Multilingual Support: Extend your reach to a global audience by adding new languages, editing existing ones, or removing those that are no longer relevant.
  5. Live Channel Management: Keep your channel lineup up to date by adding, editing, or removing channels as needed. Santa TV ensures your users always have access to the latest and greatest content.
  6. Instant User Engagement: Send push notifications to your users, keeping them informed about updates, special events, or promotions directly from the Admin Panel.
  7. Full Control over App Settings: Tailor the app to your preferences and requirements by managing settings such as Admob ads IDs and more, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to changing market trends.

Santa TV is your ticket to enter the thriving live TV streaming industry. With a user-friendly app interface and a robust admin panel, you have all the tools at your disposal to create a compelling and profitable live TV streaming platform. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to captivate your audience and generate revenue. Buy Santa TV app source code now and embark on your journey to success in the world of live TV streaming!

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Santa TV – Live TV App Source Code with Admin Panel
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Last Update:March 23, 2024
Relased:September 30, 2023