If you are searching for the best Android WebView app source code, or if you want to convert your website into an Android app, then this WebView app source code is ideal for you. In the online marketplace, there are many WebView app source codes available, but some of them may have bugs and missing features such as non-functional downloads, uploads, payment gateways, and more. However, with this WebView app source code, you can convert any type of website without experiencing any issues. All types of websites will work smoothly without any bugs or errors.


Navigation Drawer: This Navigation Drawer is awesome and easy to customize without needing to hire a developer.

Navigation Drawer In WebView App

Download Files: If you have a website where users can download any type of file, this WebView app is suitable for you because your users can download any type of file through this app.

Download Files In WebView App

Upload Files: If you have a website where users are able to upload files, then this WebView source code is suitable for you.

Pull To Refresh: With the “Pull to Refresh” feature, your users can easily refresh your website.

Pull To Refresh In WebView App

List Of Features:

  • Developed with Android Studio IDE
  • Awesome Splash Screen
  • Navigation Drawer
  • Action Bar
  • Pull To Refresh
  • Super Fast Browsing
  • Cache Saving
  • Cookies Saving
  • Download Files
  • Upload Files
  • Play Videos and Audio
  • Play HTML Games
  • Geolocation
  • Internal and External links handling
  • Progress Bar
  • Error Handling
  • Offline Handling When Internet Not Available
  • Rate Us Feature
  • Share Feature
  • Ad Manager Ads (No Ad Limit Issue)
  • You can hide website header for better looks.
  • OneSignal Push Notification
  • This WebView source code is easy to reskin. If you’re unsure about how to reskin it, don’t worry – you can easily customize it by following some simple steps outlined in the online documentation.
  • Free Support
  • and More…

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Android WebView App Source Code
  • 100% Clean Code
  • Easy To Reskin
  • Online Documention
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